Band practice; Bergen, March 2010. Foto: James Hosea

Personalised piping tuition

Piping tuition is given by Pipe Major Thomas De Ridder, an experienced piper who has played in various European pipe bands and also plays in the grade 2 pipe band Balagan. As a new pupil, you will start learning the scale and technical side of the bagpipes on a practice chanter.

After this individual tuition, which will take between 8 and 10 months, you will be gradually guided to start playing the band repertoire on the pipes. As soon as you are able to play the tunes on the bagpipes, you will be expected to join the band.

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Piping instructor  

Chanter and bagpipes: Thomas de Ridder - One-to-one tuition
Chanter and bagpipes:
Thomas de Ridder - One-to-one tuition