Band workshop; September 2011. Foto: Bjarne Sutherland

Grade 1 drumming tuition

Drumming tuition is overseen by Drum Sergeant Colin Gordon. Initial tuition is provided by grade 1 drummers via Skype, with skills being honed at practices on Mondays from 19:00 until 21:00. Workshops are organised in Bergen for more intensive tuition sessions.

Snare drumming tuition is provided by grade 1 snare drummer Anders Jensen via Skype. As a new pupil, you will start learning the basic rhythmic skills on a practice pad. Later on you will learn to play the standard scores and band tunes on your own practice pad.

Bass and tenor drumming tuition are provided by grade 1 tenor drummer Tim Djursing. As a new pupil you first will learn the beatings for the standard scores, before the tenor drummer move on to learn the flourishings. Later on you will move on to the wider band repertoire.

After you have learned the repertoire, you will start playing the drum of your choice. The band owns a full set of drums and you borrow a drum from the pipe band as long as you are an active member.

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Drumming instructors  

Snare drums: Anders Jensen (DK) - Skype & workshops
Snare drums:
Anders Jensen (DK) - Skype & workshops 
Bass and tenors: Tim Djursing (DK) – Skype & workshops
Bass and tenors:
Tim Djursing (DK) – Skype & workshops