Bagpipe and drum tuition

Band workshop; Bergen, September 2011. Foto: Bjarne Sutherland

Learn to play the Scottish way!

As a traditional pipe band, Bergen Pipes & Drums consists of a piping and a drumming section. Both practice separately and as a full band, playing the same band repertoire. Musically the band is mainly focused on playing traditional Scottish and Celtic tunes. As an active member of our band, you will have the opportunity to choose between learning the Scottish bagpipes or the snare, tenor or bass drums.

Piping tuition is given by Pipe Major Thomas De Ridder, an experienced piper who has played in various European pipe bands. Drumming tuition is overseen by Drum Sergeant Colin Gordon.

Practices take place in Bergen at Nordnes Skole, both on Mondays and Wednesdays between 18:30 and 21:00. We have an additional practice venue for workshops and weekend practices at Kronstad skole.

Practices begin with the piping and drumming sections working separately on their own parts and then the band works on the tunes together for the last hour.